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It has been a while since you upgraded your laptop and when you see so many options you just get more and more confused and delay the process. If you are thinking that by waiting for few more years you might get all the features that you want in one laptop then you are highly mistaken. So, before you delay any further just remind yourself why you want to upgrade to a more recent and better version!

There may be various reasons for buying laptop like my friend owns one of the latest version of Apple notebook so I want it too or even more innocent reason like my idol is promoting the brand therefore it is a must have in my list. But seriously if you are thinking of upgrading your mobile then think of some serious reason like –

  • Are you looking for portability
  • Want to watch movies
  • Want to play games
  • Want to make movies or engage in some heavy duty graphics work
  • Your office laptop crashed and you want to replace it with a new one which will make your work much faster and easier

Now, if you say yes to any of the above mentioned reasons then read on to find which one will be best suited for you. All the manufacturers have come up with their best work to please their customers and satisfy their needs but not every laptop is suitable for everybody in terms of price and specifications.

Look for these specifications regarding screen size and weight while buying laptops –

  • If you are buying it for your home and would not be using it for extensive purposes then the screen size which you can opt for is 15.6 inch and the weight should never go beyond 2.5 kg
  • If you are a college goer and want laptop which will help you in making projects then the weight of your laptop must not exceed 2 kg and a 14 inch screen will be sufficient for you.
  • Now if you want it for office work then make sure your laptop is not too heavy otherwise you would find it difficult to carry it from office to home and vice versa. So anything below 2 kg will be helpful for you and the screen size of 13 inch will serve you more than enough.
  • For multimedia purpose you need a bigger screen of more than 15 inch with Full HD resolution and the weight will be around 2.7 kg and
  • If you want laptop for gaming purpose then also the same specification will be required.

You have an inexpensive option in the form of HP Chromebook 14 which has 14 inch screen and runs Chrome Operating System from Google, this will be perfect for all your college projects.

While selecting Hard Disk remember –

  • 500 GB+ will be enough for home buyer and for the college goers
  • Anything around 128 GB SSD and 500 GB will be sufficient for official work
  • For Gaming and Multimedia purpose you will require 1TB

While looking into specification of RAM, you need to know that –

  • 4GB or more is required for Homebuyer, office work and gaming
  • 4GB will be sufficient for college projects
  • For multimedia purposes you will require around 6GB or more

The best suited Processor –

  • For home buyer Core i3 will be good
  • Core i3 or ULV is required for college projects
  • For official purposes you must have Core i5 ULV or core i7 ULV
  • Core i5 or better will be required if you are into gaming or using it for multimedia purposes

Gaming purposes

People who are addicted to gaming can go for the ASUS 17 inch gaming machine which comes with 2.4 GHz quad core processor, the CPU is Intel Core i7-4700 HQ supported by 12 GB RAM to 32 GB RAM. It also has internal storage of 1 TB and option of expandable 512 GB SSD. The 17.3 inch display has a resolution of 1,600 X 900 X 1920 X 1080 making it perfect for all high end gaming with the all new processor, fresh and excellent graphic quality and superb audio quality.

For gaming options you can also look for DELL which is the biggest name in the gaming laptops but the price starts from $1,499.

Performance oriented

If you are looking for performance oriented laptop then you can go for the Apple Macbook Pro, Dell XPS 15 and Lenovo Ideapad Y510P. Among the three Lenovo Ideapad is the cheaper one with price starting from $ 1,099 as compared to the other two which has the price range around $ 1500. All the three have internal storage of 1 TB and 8 GB RAM to 16 GB RAM. Lenovo has up to 2.4 GHz quad core i7 processor, Dell has 2.2GHz quad core i7 processor and the Apple Macbook has 2.8 GHz dual core i7 processor.

Apart from looking into the specifications there are several other things that you need to keep in mind and those are –

  • Good cooling system – If you are a kind of person who needs to be on the laptop for most part of the day then it is very important that you examine whether the cooling system of laptop is good or not otherwise you won’t be able to work for long. The placement of the cooling system is the key so check where the cooling vent and the fan is located because if it is on the bottom then there are high chances that it will start getting all heated up within few hours of extensive use.
  • Quality of wires – The most neglected part is the Charger but as per utility it is one of the most important one. If it is damaged then you run the risk of ruining our laptop as well but how many of us really check the charger while buying a laptop? We look into all kind of specifications and other features but we overlook the charging system.
  • Customer Service – Another important part of any purchase is the after sales service or the customer service. It is an electronic good so you are bound to have some problem once in a while therefore it is very necessary that the manufacturer has perfect after sales services to solve the issues otherwise you will be stuck with a broken piece for days without being able to fix it.
  • Quality of keyboard and screen – When you are working on your laptop then you must be able to do it effortlessly. While operating the keys a soft touch must do the work otherwise you will end up hurting your fingertips by pressing the keys hard. While you are looking into the screen you must not hurt your eyes as you have to work for longer period therefore choose the screens which has soft lighting and does not cause any irritation in your eyes.

Now depending on what your purpose for purchasing a new laptop is you can pick up the best one for you just by keeping all these points in mind.

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